Tell the Whole Story.

Sentencing films humanize the defendant, their family, and are a proven effective tool in mitigation.

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Founded by broadcast media professionals in Los Angeles
...We have been producing sentencing films for clients such as th e U.S. Federal Courts/Department of Justice and the US Air Force since 2013.

The Science Says it Works

All fMRI brain scan data shows that film engages the mental empathy network. Empathy is of vital importance in the sentencing phase of a trial.

Bring the Defendant's World into the Courtroom

A sterile courtroom environment can diminish the impact of even the most compelling facts. Film vividly portrays relevant environments and communities that make it easier to understand the challenges the defendant may have been facing.

Additional Witnesses

It is often difficult to arrange for key witnesses to make an appearance in court on behalf of the defendant during sentencing due to scheduling, infirmity, distance and many individuals’ discomfort with courtroom setting. We track down witnesses, schedule interviews and make it a generally convenient and easy process for those willing to speak on behalf of the defendant.


Remarkably Effective at Humanizing the Defendant

Each of our short films is carefully and deliberately put together to tell theĀ compelling story of the defendant’s life journey to the present moment. It is through this life story that the subject is humanized and the viewer can begin to understand the complexity of the individual and their journey to the present moment. We feel that in considering an appropriate sentence for the defendant it is of utmost importance that the court go on this journey and realize the full impact of a potential sentence.

We Seek out Experts

Forensic Psychologists, Physicians, Social Workers…professionals can often shed light on sociological and psychological circumstances that explain defendant behavior.

Film Can Showcase Exhibits Unavailable for Courtroom Viewing

From artwork to music to construction projects…in conveying the totality of a defendant’s life it is important to include exhibits that lend a better understanding of the defendant for the judge or jury.

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